The Caring Movement has the Spotlight!

Thanks to a recent article from an interview with Unified Caring Association President Lane Michel, in the series “Big Ideas That Might Change The World In The Next Few Years” (published in Authority Magazine and on Thrive Global), the Caring Movement has the spotlight!  The Caring Movement is truly a work that needs to be allowed to “unfold,” with active participation from those people ready, willing and able to make a difference.  

“Unified Caring is one of those big ideas having a huge impact on many thousands of lives…People are invited join the UCA membership community that helps them impart self-care and in turn give care to others. Together, we work to address urgent unmet needs for greater caring. UCA has a special knack for caring for the innocent beings needing so much more from us all: children, the elderly and animals.”

Lane Michel, UCA President

You are Invited to Care!

In true UCA form, the invitation above is a reminder for us to really think about what the Caring Movement is all about.  It all comes down to asking

  • what is in your heart,
  • how you want to give back, and
  • how you can get outside of yourself to bring joy to others. 

At its core, the caring movement is about being actively engaged in building caring communities that truly make a difference.  In the long run, the UCA believes that we can be happier and healthier when we are connected to and serving others. Truly, becoming the humble custodian of such a movement gives grace to all of our lives.

Self-Care is Critical

At UCA we understand that caring for others and being of service also requires a level of self-awareness and care towards oneself.  That is why we are a community where members are encouraged to practice self-care in order to become a stronger player in the art of caring for others.  Members have a variety of self-care benefits they can choose from to begin a self-care journey.  A great example is the Self-Assessment Tools developed for UCA members. Members in crisis can get quick help through their free 24/7 certified counselors hotline. And when they find they are ready to get out and have some fun being of service, our Volunteer Network is an exciting and easy place to get their caring feet wet! 

More on the Caring Movement

To learn more about UCA’s Caring Movement, we invite you to now watch our YouTube videos.

From here to there, and everywhere in between, being a Custodian of the Caring Movement is just the beginning of a life-long journey of fulfillment.  Hope to see you there!

We invite you to discover inspiring and effective ways to care for yourself and to serve others.  Now more than ever, caring is what we all need most. Caring for our self.  Caring for others around us.  Life now demands caring, resilience and compassion like never before.  So, become a Custodian of the Caring Movement and help create the world we need right now, the world we want for our future generations.

UCA resources available to help include the Turbulent Times Resources Center, Virtual Volunteering, radio show, publications and online store offering members huge discounts and always free shipping.

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