Tap Into Your Inner Navigation System

Imagine what life would be like if we had a direct line to our intuition that we could pick up and dial into at any time. This line would instantly connect us to the version of our self who knows what to do in order get to the other side of any obstacle, trauma, or experience we’re currently facing. We could gain knowledge of how to cope, what step to take next, or just the exact words we need to hear in the moment. This inner navigation system is available on demand. We just need to tap into it.

inner navigation system

That direct line may seem like some futurist technology out of a science fiction novel, yet it’s something that exists. It’s something that we can harness for our self through the tool of journaling… a specific type of journaling.

A Powerful Journaling Practice

The benefits of journaling are getting broadcasted everywhere. Several psychologist, like James W. Pennebaker, have dedicated a great portion of their research to understand the subject better. Some of the findings are that journaling boosts the immune system, helps us process complex emotions, better problem solve, and a slew of other benefits. One benefit that none of the research seems to point to is journaling’s ability to connect us with our internal navigation system, in other words our intuition.

The best journaling technique to access our intuition involves hemisphere switching while journaling. This involves writing with our left hand to answer tough questions, go deeper on experiences, emotions, and whatever comes up. By doing so, we tap into our internal guidance system, on demand, and get responses that normally wouldn’t occur. This has allowed many people to navigate challenging life situations and emotions with greater ease.

How It Works

The left side of our brain controls the right side of our body, and vice versa. About 90% of the population is right-handed. That means when they write, they are left-brain dominate. The left side of our brain is the part of our brain responsible for logic and reasoning. So, 90% of the population accesses mainly the logic and reasoning powers of their brain when writing. When the writing hand is switched for a right-hander, it allows access the right hemisphere of the brain where creativity and intuition reside. This taps into the intuitive navigation system instantly.

What About The Left-Handed or Ambidextrous?

For about 10% of the population that are left-handed this specific journaling exercise may not work. However, there are other effective ways for left-handers to access the opposite hemisphere of the brain.

One powerful way to do so is through meditating before journaling. Meditation relaxes us and according to Marilee Zdenek, we are more receptive to right-brain insights when we are relaxed. Another manner in which we can access the right side of our brain is by singing, listening to new music, or playing an instrument before journaling. Psychologist, Terry Lyles, found that listening to or performing music helps to stimulate the auditory cortex of the right-brain. These are some of the quickest methods to hemisphere switch.

Test Out Your Inner Navigation

A longing for coffee, $5.00, and the knowledge of where Starbucks is will get us no where unless we take the actions of going there and ordering our drink. The same is true with the knowledge just gained here about journaling. The next time you sit down to journal, try hemisphere switching and tapping into your internal navigation system to experience it’s power for yourself.

By Mona Nyree Stephens, contributing author

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