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Most of us know that Oprah suggests we keep a gratitude journal and jot down the things we are grateful for daily.  The idea is to reinforce what you have rather than dwell on what you don’t.  But even more significant, the focus of our thoughts (and the emotions that accompany them) not only create our reality, but can change it as well. 

We’ve seen the best and the worst of mankind throughout this COVID-19 ordeal.  This enormous gift of awareness and potential, can be used to spark our creativity and determination to achieve a better reality not only for our individual lives, but for the entire world.

SO the question is — given our pandemic restlessness — are we too preoccupied with wanting to go back to the ‘normal’ we once lived or will we give ourselves a fresh start by seeking nuggets of possibilities for a more balanced, caring and meaningful life? What could be asking, “what next?”

You Might Be Thinking or Feeling Something Different

As the news media bombards us with the doom and gloom of the economy, or atrocities of political scandal and manipulation, how are you reacting?  Rather than falling into despair and fear, discernment is the gift of deciding for yourself what is right for you.  Having discernment is taking your power back.  It frees your mind and heart to create possibilities and intentions for you and your family.

If your livelihood has been adversely affected, take care of what you can, and look to a brighter future.  The methods of commerce, necessities of life and ways of doing business have been redefined. The sudden shifts in every aspect of our lives lends itself to different opportunities.  Innovative entrepreneurs are springing up everywhere.  We have the opportunity to birth a better world – with more convenience, consciousness, creativity and respect for our time, our environment, and all inhabitants that dwell on this planet.  Have a dream – have a plan – have faith!

Perhaps something inside of you has stirred in response to how animals and the environment are flourishing with less human-generated impact.  Perhaps you learned more about the needs of elders or children in your community.  Has the work of non-profits addressing global needs come to your attention?  We are creating our future now, so if something has caught your interest, check it out to see how you can make a positive difference.

Are you now homeschooling your children?  Has this given you an opportunity to get to know them better, cherish your time with them?  Have you tapped into their creative side, and perhaps developed a creative side of your own (some may call it coping) to get through the longer days?  The gift of a simpler, more spontaneous and resourceful way to do life can be yours through the eyes of your children.

How is your family doing?  What wonderful things have you discovered about your children, your parents or other relatives?  Do you want to spend more time with your children or filter what they are exposed to?  Do you have suggested changes for their school to implement?    And what about you — are you more relaxed at work or at home?  What makes you function well – good food, quiet time, good sleep, productivity or ______? ( fill in the blank)   This has been a time of revelation for all of us.  Honor the illuminations of your experience by creating a better life for yourself and others.

There is a Brighter Future by Choice

If we all focus on being grateful, sharing what we have and hoping and planning for a better future, this planet would have a better chance of a brighter tomorrow.  If we help those who need it most – people – animals – the environment, life on this planet would be more balanced.

We cannot control the thoughts and deeds of others, but we can definitely affirm and proceed to put our individual thoughts, desires, plans and hopes into a more positive spin.  Humanity has been handed the biggest gift in the crummiest of packages – let’s not waste it!

We are all being called to do extraordinary things for the collective caring of our families, communities and the world in response to the unique coronavirus pandemic. Whether home bound or providing critical services, everyone is stretched to adapt like never before.  All of us are in this together. Now more than ever, caring is what we need most. Caring for our self. Caring for others around us. Life is going to require new routines, resilience and compassion. We invite you to join us in creating a caring movement to respond to local needs.

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