How Unified Caring Association Can Help You Become a Better Leader

There are many factors that go into being a good leader. One of the most common ones that leaders lack is caring. Caring for your fellow man, nature, and animals is a crucial part of being a good leader. And we can see what happens when leaders around the world lack caring. The elderly do not receive the care they need. Animals get abused and become part of an unsustainable food system that hurts society’s health and destroys the environment. Children go hungry or thirsty and don’t get the education they need in order to make something of themselves.

These are all sad scenarios, but the Leadership Guide from Unified Caring Association (UCA) suggests that these don’t have to be the norm. When we take a leadership role in our own lives and make a commitment to caring, this can have a profound effect on others. There is a study in the Leadership Guide that the Unified Caring Association reviews where scientists looked at the effects of what happened on a Japanese when one monkey started washing his sweet potatoes.

When the one monkey started the practice, others followed suit. Then one hundred monkeys started washing their sweet potatoes. When this number was reached, something astounding happened. Monkeys on a far away island started washing their sweet potatoes, proving how one’s actions could eventually lead to profound changes in society. If you start leading your own world with caring, others may start doing it too until it just becomes the norm.

If you are struggling with leading from the heart or you’re having trouble incorporating senses when you lead, the Leadership Guide from UCA may be of some help to you. Through exercises, leadership quotes, and supporting context, the Leadership Guide shows people how to lead with grace, compassion, and intelligence – something our world needs a little more of.

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