Unified Caring Association CARE program provides animals with loving fur-ever home!

Unified Caring Association President, Victoria Damone, recently paid a visit to their CARE partner Humanity for Horses sanctuary to see in person how the UCA CARE program is making a difference in the lives of animals.

After being greeted by sanctuary President, Dylan Coleman, Victoria was taken on a tour of the sanctuary and was introduced to the many, many animals that Unified Caring Association has provided food, shelter and veterinary care for over the years. Horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas alike all greeted the UCA President as if they knew what Unified Caring Association had done for them. Coleman stated, “Many of the animals that UCA has provided care for at the sanctuary have been saved from abuse or slaughter and would not have had a chance if it were not for the vital funding provided by Unified Caring Association. We cannot fully express how very grateful we are.”

Damone smiled and said, “The sanctuary is a place of peace that Unified Caring Association is very happy to support. It is a haven for so many animals, many of which have suffered terribly in their lives prior to being rescued by Humanity for Horses. There are so many success stories here. The attention and genuine care provided to each animal is a beautiful reminder that caring makes a difference, and that is what Unified Caring Association is all about!”

The UCA CARE program helps Children, Animals, Retirees and the Environment. Unified Caring Association is focused on helping its members demonstrate and experience more caring in their lives. Membership benefits include access to caring guides, products and resources. To learn more, please visit: http://www.unifiedcaring.org/

Humanity for Horses provides a loving forever home for hundreds of animals. For more information on Humanity for Horses please visit: https://www.humanityforhorses.org/

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